Is laser eye surgery safe?

With all the advances in laser eye surgery, this is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly safe procedure. Each year, over 2 million laser eye procedures are carried out across the world and most go exactly to plan, without an complications or undesired side-effects. There are concerns about the long-term effects of laser eye surgery because the first operation was only carried out in the UK in 1989; it remains to be seen if there are any undesirable or dangerous effects further down the line. Laser eye surgery is a risk; although serious complications are very rare, many patients may experience nasty side-effects and the results of the surgery may not match their initial expectations. It is best to discuss the realistic results of surgery with your surgeon during the consultation stage of treatment; they will be able to explain what kind of results can be expected for your individual circumstances and can explain any risks in detail.

Guide to Laser Eye Surgery