Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Going abroad for cosmetic surgery and dentistry is increasingly popular thanks to lower costs in other countries. However, there are risks involved with the choice to go overseas for medical treatment; patients should take care to research the procedure and clinic they choose before they go to prevent complications. The most frightening health risks are complications during the operation, which may be caused by a lack of expertise and experience, medical negligence and a non-sterile environment; complications can potentially be fatal so it is essential to choose a well-qualified surgeon and a clean, safe clinic with a good reputation.

It is also important to consider any hidden costs associated with your treatment; this includes accommodation and transport, which can mount up if a number of appointments and follow-up care are required.

Regulations to control the spread of infection are much stricter in the UK so the risk of infection may be higher in other countries. The standard of care and professional expertise of staff are also sometimes lower in other countries.

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