Elderly Health

As the body ages, it becomes more susceptible to illness. The articles below will outline some of the most common illnesses amongst elderly people and provide information and advice on how to stay fit and healthy and what to do if you need help for yourself or an elderly relative.

Elderly people are more prone to illness because their immune system becomes weaker with age; however, keeping fit and eating well in your twenties, thirties and forties will go a long way to making sure you enjoy good health in your old age. Ageing doesn’t necessarily have to mean a complete change in lifestyle; many people stick to the old adage of you’re only as old as you feel and people that stay active and eat a healthy diet enjoy good health and a busy social life throughout their lives. Old age can begin to take its toll and many health conditions including strokes and heart disease are prevalent amongst older people. In addition to this, gradual loss of sight and hearing and the possibility of conditions like dementia, mean that elderly people often require additional help around the home or constant care in a nursing or residential home. Social services are responsible for arranging care for the elderly but there are also a number of private organisations that can help.

Guide to Elderly Health

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