Ecstasy is one of the most widely available drugs and is commonly taken by young people that go to raves and clubs; it became popular amongst ravers in the 90’s because it enabled them to stay up all night. Ecstasy is commonly known as E, pills or brownies. Ecstasy causes people to feel a buzz and a high, which can last for up to 6 hours; during this time they will feel energised and may become very chatty and sociable. Ecstasy is usually taken in tablet form but it may also be smoked or snorted in powder form.

Effects of ecstasy

Ecstasy can have unpredictable effects and can potentially result in death; over 200 people have died from taking ecstasy in the last 10 years alone. Many of the pills available on the street are not pure and may have other substances mixed in with the ecstasy; this can cause all sorts of health problems. Ecstasy can cause mental health problems as well as contributing to heart disease, liver and kidney failure and extreme dehydration. Ecstasy is extremely dangerous and can be highly addictive.

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