Cerec technology is one of the most innovative inventions in modern dentistry as it enables patients to experience immediate results. The Cerec system involves the use of a machine which manufactures new inlays, veneers and crowns on site. Cerec technology means that dentists do not have to send impressions of patient�s teeth away to dental laboratories.

How does Cerec work?

Cerec technology uses digital images, rather than putty moulds, to make up new teeth. The image is captured by a small, discreet camera and then used as a template for the new design; this is sent to the machine which then manufactures the new device according to the image taken by the camera. The new tooth can then be fitted.

Are there any other benefits of Cerec?

Aside from the obvious bonus of getting almost immediate results, the ability to manufacture new teeth on site also eradicates the need for more than one set of local anaesthetic injections and also means patients do not have to wear temporary crowns or veneers; this saves the dentist and patient time and decreases waste.

Is Cerec much more expensive?

New veneers, crown and inlays made using Cerec technology are actually a very similar price to normal devices; this is mainly due to the lack of appointments needed prior to and following the appointment to fit the new veneers or crowns.

Does every cosmetic dentist offer this service?

No- only certain practices offer this service; however, it is easy to find out which practices near you use Cerec technology, simply search online or ask your dentist.

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