London Health

London Health is a health portal through which you can learn about a range of health topics. If you are concerned about any symptoms that have been affecting you, or are down to have treatment such as weight loss surgery but are unaware of what this process may involve then our health guides may have the answers to your questions.

Though the medical information provided on London Health is of an exemplary standard it should NOT be viewed as a substitute for expert medical advice. Should you have any health concerns you should always consult your doctor in the first instance.


Being healthy is not only about identifying symptoms and discovering what treatment is necessary – though London Health does of course provide a wealth of information on this – as health and well-being is also about taking control and making lifestyle changes to ward off health problems. We provide information about ways to improve your health such as stopping smoking, including essential information about withdrawal symptoms and giving up during pregnancy; dieting, including all the popular diets like the Atkins diet and weight watchers; and also details on a range of exercises like running and the benefits this can have on your life, such as reducing stress and boosting vitality.

How can London Health help you?

Here at London health we provide health care information and a guide to finding the right healthcare specialists in London, though our extensive database of London’s leading healthcare professionals.