Hearing & Speech Problems

Hearing and speech problems affect millions of people in the UK; many conditions develop during early childhood but many also affect adults. The following articles will outline some of the causes and effects of speech and hearing problems and explore the treatments and therapies which are used to help people with these difficulties.

Hearing and speech problems are much more common than people think; many people are born with hearing problems and develop speech problems because they can�t imitate sounds in the way that other children would. Hearing tests are just one of the tests that newborn babies undergo as part of NHS care for babies; if hearing difficulties are detected the baby will be referred for further tests. Children with hearing difficulties will be offered possible treatments including surgery, which may help their hearing; if nothing can be done they may be offered devices like hearing aids to improve their hearing. Speech therapy is often used to treat both children and adults with speech problems; it is usually very effective and people can improve their speech very quickly.

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