Support for cancer sufferers

Living with cancer or having a loved one with cancer can be physically and emotionally draining and extremely challenging, but there are whole host of people out there that can support you. The NHS is committed to delivering the best possible standards of care for cancer sufferers and you will be treated as quickly and effectively as possible throughout your fight against cancer. If you need additional support you can contact cancer charities such as Cancer Research UK and Macmillan; younger sufferers can also contact the Teenage Cancer Trust. If you are struggling to cope, try to talk to somebody about your worries and concerns; if you don’t want to talk to somebody you know, you can ring one of the many anonymous, confidential phone lines run by charities. You can search online for details or consult the NHS website; there is loads of information on there as well as links to charity websites and other organisations that may be able to help you.

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Support for cancer sufferers

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