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    Breast cancer is the most common female cancer, with over 45,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Most cases of breast cancer occur in women over the age of 50 that have undergone the menopause, but it can affect women of all ages.


    Symptoms of breast cancer include a change in the physical appearance of the breast, especially surrounding the nipple, lumps in the breast or armpits and abnormal discharge from the nipples.

    Causes of breast cancer

    Family history may increase the risk of developing breast cancer but women who have no relatives with the cancer are also at risk. Older women are more likely to develop breast cancer than younger women and those that are on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) have a higher chance of suffering with breast cancer. Women that smoke and drink regularly and those that are overweight are also more likely to develop breast cancer.

    Screening and checking your breasts

    Women aged between 50 and 70 are invited to attend regular breast screening session as part of the NHS cancer prevention scheme. Younger women are urged to check their breasts regularly and monitor the appearance of their breasts; if you notice any changes, contact your GP as soon as possible.

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