Astigmatism is a common condition which is caused by the shape of the cornea not being perfectly curved; it is only a minor eye condition and can usually be treated fairly easily. Astigmatism causes images to become blurred because light rays do not focus on the retina properly. Most cases of astigmatism are congenital, meaning children are born with it.

Effects of astigmatism

Astigmatism primarily causes blurred vision but it may also cause the eye to feel tired because it has to strain to see things clearly. Astigmatism may also cause headaches and increased sensitivity to light.

Treating astigmatism

Many people with astigmatism have very mild cases and do not require any treatment. People that have blurred vision as a result of astigmatism usually wear glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision; some people may consider laser surgery but you should research this option thoroughly before you decide to go ahead with the treatment.

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