Smile Makeover

A smile makeover involves a number of cosmetic treatments, which improve the appearance of a persons smile; a smile makeover is the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry as it produces a complete transformation.

Why have a smile makeover?

The way your teeth look may affect the way you feel about the way you look; this can determine your confidence levels and the way you carry yourself, present yourself and act in social situations. The majority of people acknowledge that it is important to give off a positive first impression and the smile is often the first feature other people notice about a person. Research has consistently proven that people with an attractive, healthy set of teeth are more likely to do well in both their professional and social lives.

Can anyone have a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers involve a series of different treatments which will be chosen to address the needs of the individual patient; some treatments may not be suitable for some patients but there will almost always be an alternative available. A consultation with a cosmetic dentist will offer all the information you need to make a choice concerning which treatments you want to have. Treatments can be carried out to help a whole host of dental issues; these include missing teeth, gaps between the teeth, chipped and broken teeth, gummy smiles and poorly positioned, crooked, stained and twisted teeth.

What kinds of treatments are available?

There is an increasingly large variety of treatments available to patients nowadays; the most popular treatments involved in a smile makeover are veneers, teeth whitening treatments and orthodontic treatments.

How long will the treatment take?

A smile makeover can take place over a very short period of time but it may also take a long time depending on the type of treatments you choose to have; orthodontic treatments often take months or even years to produce results, while veneers have an immediate effect. Your dentist will be able to outline the exact treatment time for you.

Is a smile makeover expensive?

A smile makeover is the most expensive cosmetic procedure on offer as it offers a series of different treatments. The cost of the makeover really depends on which treatments you choose; some of the treatments are much cheaper and less complex than others. As a rough guide a smile makeover can cost as little as £3000 but may cost up to £40,000. The cost of treatment will also depend on the dentist and clinic you choose; some dentists fees are much higher than others and clinics in some locations are more expensive than others. You should discuss the cost of the makeover with your dentist before you agree to have all the treatments done.

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