6 Month Smiles

The 6 month smile system is one of the newest and most exciting orthodontic treatments; it straightens teeth and changes the way a person’s smile looks in just 6 months. This treatment is the perfect solution for people who want to improve the way their teeth look but are worried about having to wear braces for a long time. Most patients feel anxious about wearing braces as they can be uncomfortable and are not very attractive to look at; however, most people would be happy to wear braces for 6 months to get the smile they want.

How does the 6 month smile system work so fast?

6 month smiles braces have special wires which make the teeth move faster than the wires and brackets used in conventional braces. The 6 month system is also focused on moving the teeth which are visible when the person smiles; traditional braces focus on all the teeth.

Will people be able to see the brace?

The 6 month smile brace has been designed to look as discreet as possible; it can only be seen very close-up and is much more subtle than other types of braces. The brackets and wires are coloured to match the teeth and are much finer than traditional braces.

Can anyone have 6 month smiles braces?

6 month smiles are a suitable treatment for most orthodontic problems; issues such as gaps between the teeth, crooked, crowded and broken teeth and problems with the bite can all be helped with 6 month smile braces.

Is wearing the braces painful?

6 month smile braces are actually one of the least painful forms of orthodontic treatment as the brace uses very gentle forces to move the teeth. The braces may take some getting used to and may feel a bit funny to start with, but once patients get used to them there should be no problems with pain or discomfort.

Are 6 month smiles braces more expensive?

Most people would assume this treatment would be more expensive because it produces results quicker; however, the cost of this treatment is actually much lower than most other treatments. The exact cost of the treatment varies depending on the individual case and the dentist and clinic that the patient chooses. Dentist’s fees usually reflect their training, experience and qualifications so the prices they charge may vary a lot. In some cases, the cost of treatment may be half as much as traditional and Invisalign braces.

Will any further treatment be needed after 6 month smiles?

As with all braces, dentists advise patients to wear a removable retainer for a period of time after the braces have removed; this helps to ensure the teeth stay in the correct position. Aside from this, no further orthodontic treatment should be needed; patients may consider cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, to enhance the way their smile looks but this is a personal choice and may not be necessary.

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