Weight Watchers Diet

Weight watchers is a national organisation that offers meal plans and group sessions to paying customers that want to lose weight. Dieters pay a weekly or monthly sum to participate in group weigh-in sessions and receive advice and information on how to lose weight.

How does weight watchers work?

Weight watchers uses a points system to determine how much dieters can eat per day. The number of points you are allowed depends on your height, weight, lifestyle and how much weight you want to lose. Each food is given a points value, ranging from 0 for green vegetables to fast food which as points values of up to 30; on average, people are allowed around 18 to 25 points per day. Dieters are allowed to eat as much as they want and whatever they want provided that they stay below their daily points tariff.

Does weight watchers actually work?

Weight watchers works for many people, as it allows them to eat what they want; if they want to treat themselves and have a pizza they can, providing that they have healthier foods with low points values for the rest of the day. Alcohol and puddings are also not forbidden from the diet so people�s lifestyles and social lives need not change dramatically. Many people also find it comforting to be around people in a similar situation to themselves and have a weigh-in in front on other people often encourages them to work harder to get to their goal weight.

How much does weight watchers cost?

Weight watchers costs around �3 per week.

Sample dinner menu (5 days)

  • Day.1- courgette pizza with parmesan, pesto and onion
  • Day.2- chicken with tomato and red onion sauce
  • Day.3- prawn and smoked salmon pasta
  • Day.4- baked fish with parmesan crust
  • Day.5- steak and chips (lean beef fillet)

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