Will I get withdrawal symptoms if I stop smoking?

Most people who have been used to smoking regularly and decide to give up suffer some pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms; however there are ways to deal with these. Common withdrawal symptoms include a lack of concentration, disturbed sleep, restlessness and a constant urge to have a cigarette. Coping with withdrawal symptoms can be difficult but they will pass after a short period of time.

How do I deal with withdrawal symptoms?

There are many different ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms; these range from counselling and therapy, to nicotine replacement products and sheer willpower. Initially, withdrawal symptoms will be stronger; this is why many people start smoking again within a few hours or days of giving up. The feeling of needing a cigarette is like a craving which needs to be satisfied; many people use nicotine replacement products to satisfy the craving. Other ways of coping involve taking up a new hobby, joining a quitting smoking group, exercising and keeping focused on the positive effects of giving up.


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