What help is available to stop smoking?

There are several sources of help and support out there for people who want to stop smoking; a few of the most popular options are listed below:

NHS Smoking Helpline: this is a free service, which offers unbiased, confidential advice to people who want to quit smoking. The helpline is open from 7am to 11pm and is run by trained professionals.

NHS stop smoking groups: this is a system run by the NHS which involves joining a local group of people that are trying to stop smoking. The groups meet regularly to exchange tips, offer each other support and chat about how things are going. An adviser is on hand to help you make a plan of action to stop smoking and offer support throughout your journey. Statistics have shown that half the people that join a local stop smoking group give up within 4 weeks of joining the group.

NHS support at home: this scheme was set up by ex-smokers who wanted to help people who want to give up smoking. The scheme involves a combination of information packs, emails, text messages and phone calls which are designed to help you stop smoking; an adviser is always on hand to talk if you need to and the service is completely free.

Quitline: run by the charity, Quit, this service offers advice and guidance for people who want to stop smoking. It is completely free and uses only trained advisers.

Nicotine replacement products: these are used to satisfy the cravings which are associated with nicotine withdrawal. Further details of these products can be found below.


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