Stretching & Exercises

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to improve muscle tone, flexibility and movement in the muscles and joint. Osteopaths regularly encourage patients to embark on a regular stretching routine; often the exercises are quick and simple to do, but can make a huge difference to general health.

Why is stretching important?

Stretching is important because it helps to keep the muscles and connective tissue in good condition; this enables a healthy range of movement, a good range of flexibility and the ability to cope with the physical demands of everyday life. Regular stretching also helps to keep the muscles toned and maintain a stable body weight.

Why are exercises beneficial?

Exercises are beneficial because they gradually increase the strength and flexibility of the joints and muscles; this makes them more resistant to injury, as well as increasing the efficiency and efficacy of their performance.

Is stretching painful?

Stretching should not be painful; it may feel slightly uncomfortable as the muscles are being pushed, however pain is not a desired result and patients should not push themselves to the point that stretching leaves them in severe pain.

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