The NHS migraine clinic

The NHS runs special migraine clinics; you will need a referral letter from your GP to attend a clinic. A GP may refer you to a clinic if you:

  • Fail to respond to any of the types of treatment listed above
  • Suffer from rare symptoms which may be indicative of a more serious, rarer form of migraine
  • If you suffer from headaches on a regular basis as well as migraines
  • If you are experiencing migraines on an increasingly regular basis
  • If you specifically ask to be referred and your doctor agrees that you may benefit from the service

If you want to find out more about migraine clinics you should discuss this with your GP or contact The Migraine Trust to find out where your nearest clinic is.

If you want more information about migraines, you are struggling to cope with migraines or are worried about migraines you can contact the Migraine Action Association, the Migraine Trust or Migraine 4 Kids; you can also find information and links to the charities listed above on the NHS website.

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The NHS migraine clinic

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