Is laser eye surgery suitable for everyone?

Laser eye surgery can treat a huge range of conditions, but it may not be suitable for everyone. You should probably not consider laser eye surgery if you belong to any of the groups listed below:

  • People aged under 25: the eyes change considerably during the first 25 years of life so surgery is not recommended for people under 25. The eyes are still changing and therefore the prescription of the individual cannot be properly confirmed. Patients that are desperate for treatment will usually be advised to wait until their eyes have stopped maturing.
  • Pregnant woman: pregnant women undergo considerable hormonal changes which can affect their vision. These changes may also continue during breastfeeding so surgeons usually recommend women wait until their eyes have stabilised before having treatment.
  • People with existing health conditions: people with health conditions, which affect healing, the immune system and hormonal activity, such as diabetes, HIV and arthritis will usually not be advised to pursue laser eye treatment.
  • People who have a career that is dependent on their eyesight; this can be a huge risk if something does go wrong; ultimately, it is a personal choice and the individual may choose to go ahead with the surgery but many people may choose not to risk having an operation which may affect their future so significantly.

Having laser eye surgery is a huge decision, which should be considered very carefully; it is important to ask as many questions as possible and discuss the treatment and possible risks with your surgeon before you agree to have the treatment.

Guide to Laser Eye Surgery