Zone Diet

The Zone diet was developed by Barry Sears and is popular in the USA. The Zone Diet works by combining certain groups of foods to produce a hormonal balance in the body, which prevents hunger and overeating. The Zone Diet advocates a diet made up of carbohydrates (40%), proteins (30%) and fats (30%) and is focused on a stable, consistent calorie count. The Zone diet has its own range of foods, which are designed to keep dieters feeling fuller for longer, as well as providing a variety of meals.

Step 1

Step 1 is an introduction to healthy eating and balanced meals; this stage lasts for 2 weeks. During this period of time, weight loss is often at its highest.


Step 2 is a continuation of step 1 but involves a much greater range of foods; by sticking to the specially formulated Zone food products, dieters can rest assured that the foods they are eating are good for them.


Step 3 is the final phase and is all about keeping the weight off. By this point, you should have good idea of which foods you like and which you don�t like so much and you can arrange your diet based on this.

How much weight will I lose on the Zone diet?

On average, people on the Zone diet lose around 10 pounds per month; the amount of weight you lose will usually depend on how well you stick to the diet and the amount of weight you�ve got to lose; people who are extremely overweight will often find that they lose huge amounts of weight at the beginning of the diet.

What are the advantages?

The Zone diet teaches people to eat a balanced diet and enables them to use products that are specially designed to improve their general health as well as helping them to lose weight. People that lose weight are likely to enjoy increased levels of confidence.

Are there any disadvantages?

A long-term membership to the Zone diet can cost a lot of money and it teaches people to rely on specially designed foods, rather than those that are widely available in supermarkets and at restaurants. Some experts also believe that having a diet made up of 30 percent fat is not healthy.

Sample meal plan:

  • Breakfast: Zone bagel
  • Lunch: Sandwich on Zone bread with a filling of lean meat and salad
  • Tea: Zone pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce
  • Snacks: Zone granola or a Zone cookie

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