Causes and risk factors

Type 1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of the cells that are responsible for making insulin; however, it is not known how or why these cells get destroyed. Experts have suggested that the destruction process may be triggered by a viral infection.

There are a number of different risk factors which may contribute to type 2 diabetes; these include:

  • Age: people aged over 40 and those who have Black or Asian heritage and are aged over 25 are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Being overweight: people who are overweight have a much higher risk of developing diabetes than people who are a healthy weight. Having a large waist can also increase the risk (women who have a waist measurement of over 31.5 inches, Asian men that have a measurement of over 35 inches and Black and White men that have a measurement of over 37 inches have a higher risk of diabetes)
  • Family history: having a relative with type 2 diabetes increases your risk of developing diabetes; the chances are higher if the relative is a close relative (i.e. a parent or sibling)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Women that had gestational diabetes
  • People with impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glycaemia (both these conditions cause glucose levels in the blood to be higher than normal)
  • Women that have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and are overweight
  • Other health conditions, including heart disease, strokes and those that affect your circulatory system

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