The range of orthodontic treatments on offer is now huge, so treatment for those who want to straighten their teeth or correct the positioning or alignment of the teeth is now not as daunting as spending 2 years wearing a bulky metal brace. Orthodontic problems are very common and they can now be treated in a much shorter period of time and with relatively little hassle or pain compared to traditional treatments.

Orthodontic problems are varied and can include crooked and twisted teeth, poorly positioned teeth, gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth, problems with the position of the jaw bones and issues with the bite; the bite is the way the upper and lower sets of teeth fit together, problems with this may cause people to struggle with eating and speaking. Although orthodontic treatment can make a real difference to the way people look, it can have more important positive effects on dental health.

Orthodontic treatment is most common during the teenage years; however, an increasing number of adults are also receiving treatment, with dentists reporting a considerable increase in the number of adults asking for braces. Braces are now so discreet and fast-acting that people are not worried about wearing them.

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