Lumineers are a unique type of veneer, which are manufactured in America and are made of a specially formulated material called Cerinate. Cerinate is a very thin material, which is similar to porcelain but is much thinner and stronger. Because the Lumineer is so thin, it can simply be placed on the existing tooth without any of the tooth having to be removed or trimmed.

What are the benefits of Lumineers?

Lumineers are a really exciting and innovative invention, which can radically transform a persons smile and increase their self-confidence. A persons smile is key to the first impression they create and the way they interact in a social or professional situation; having an unattractive smile can make people very self-conscious about the impression they give off, so changing the appearance of their smile can really affect the way they view and feel about themselves.

Lumineers are also advantageous because they can be fitted without a great deal of preparation, which makes the treatment both painless and quick. In just two appointments a persons teeth can be transformed into a radiant set of pearly whites. Lumineers are comfortable and do not affect the functioning of the teeth; the new Lumineers feel exactly like ordinary teeth and have no effect on eating or speech.

Are Lumineers suitable for everyone?

Lumineers are a really versatile solution to a range of different dental issues; they can be used to treat orthodontic issues, such as gaps between the teeth, as well as cosmetic problems such as staining. In some cases, Lumineers may not be suitable; this is often due to more complex orthodontic problems which must be treated before veneers can be fitted.

How much do Lumineers cost?

Although they are considered a more sophisticated treatment, Lumineers are actually cheaper than traditional ceramic and porcelain veneers. On average, a set of Lumineers may cost up to half the price of a set of porcelain veneers. The price of the porcelain veneers reflects the amount of work that has to be done before the veneers are fitted, as well as the cost of the actual veneers. It is important to check the exact cost of your treatment before you agree to go ahead with it; however, as a general guide, patients should expect to pay a minimum of £300-£400 per Lumineer.

The cost of cosmetic treatment varies between dentists and clinics; generally prices are higher in the South than in the North but this may not always be the case. Dentists set their prices according to their experience and the qualifications they have.

Does having Lumineers fitted hurt?

Having a set of Lumineers fitted is not a painful process, as there is no invasive work needed before they can be placed on the teeth.

How long do Lumineers last?

Lumineers should last at least 20 years if they are looked after properly. In the majority of cases, patients with Lumineers still have an incredible set of teeth 20 years after the initial treatment.

Looking after Lumineers

Lumineers should be cared for like normal teeth; this involves brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, attending routine check-ups at the dentist and eating a healthy diet. The colour of the Lumineers may be affected by the foods and drinks people eat and drink; dark, strongly coloured substances, such as coffee and red wine, and smoking regularly can stain the teeth.

Are Lumineers widely available?

Lumineers are only available at certain clinics; because the material is patented, only dentists who are registered with the company that makes the Lumineers are allowed to carry out this treatment. Searching on the internet or asking your dentist will allow you to find practices that offer this service.

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