Preventing Cancer

It’s not possible to prevent cancer, but there are several steps you can take to dramatically reduce the risk of developing cancer. A few simple changes to your lifestyle can have a massive impact on your general health, as well as decreasing your chances of getting several different forms of cancer significantly. Important changes include:

  • Losing weight (if you’re overweight or obese)
  • Eating healthily
  • Cutting down on fats, cholesterol and salt
  • Exercising regularly
  • Cutting down on drinking (it is recommended that women drink no more than 2 units per day and men drink no more than 3 units per day)
  • Giving up smoking (smoking is the most common risk factor associated with cancer; giving up can more than halve your risk of developing cancer)
  • Protect your skin (wear a high factor sun cream and avoid midday sun)
  • Get vaccinated against cervical cancer: all girls aged between 12 and 13 are currently invited to have the vaccination against the HPV virus.
  • Attend screening sessions: the NHS offers screening programmes to certain groups of people (these include women aged between 50 and 70 for breast cancer and people aged between 60 and 69 for bowel cancer). You can ask your GP for details, ring NHS Direct or consult the NHS website.
  • Keep an eye on your body and visit your doctor if you notice any changes or you are worried about cancer; this is especially important if you have family history of cancer.

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